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As a parent and an avid online shopper, I end up buying a lot of things for my children online. The convenience of not having to spend hours in a store and yet find a vast catalog to choose from along with easy payment, delivery, return and refund policies tip the ball in favor of online shopping. But, the only hitch is that there are a number of portals to choose from. It can be confusing. When buying clothes, toys etc. for children, we are very conscious of quality hence the website must deliver nothing but the best.


When my children were small, the range of clothes especially ethnic clothes for boys available online was really limited. Often, for their school events, I had to run from pillar to post to find a decent kurta or dhoti. But, these days, the choices online are much more. is a wonderful website that is really exhaustive in its range. You can not only buy everything that you would require for your children including food, and there is a lovely section for women as well. You can buy nursery furniture, strollers and almost everything you can think of for your child and their needs. actively encourages Mompreneurs

But the icing on the cake for me was that this is a site which actively promotes mompreneurs and their ventures. When I had younger kids, I often longed for hand-knit sweaters, booties and the soft hand-stitched garments especially jhablas and mulmul diapers for my children. As I wasn’t gifted when it came to making such stuff myself, I wished if I could have connected with a mommy who would be willing to make me something with love.

When I saw that offers not only our most trusted brands but also access to curated products sourced from gifted and skilled workers through the mompreneurs’ initiatives, I was thrilled. I think this is a great way of offering urban women like me who do not have mothers or mothers-in-law to give them a steady supply of handmade goodies for children an avenue to source these beautiful things created with a personal touch.

Another offering that I personally appreciated is the organic clothing range. With my first-born, I had bought fine mulmul material and got them stitched into beautiful cloth diapers and tops. These were soft to touch, made with natural fibres, devoid of chemicals and in pleasant natural colours just perfect for the baby. They were also perfect for the warm Indian summers. But, the effort that I had to put in getting this together was immense. I was pleased to see that these are available on

A special mention for their eye for detail and sensitivity towards the needs of the modern Indian mother.

The categories in which you can shop are:

Clothing for children, for expecting mothers, toys, accessories like jewelry, diapers, feeding kits etc.’ baby products, books, bath time essentials, toiletries, nursery needs and lots of things for women. The range is exhaustive.


  • A user-friendly website that offers just about everything that you will need to buy for your child with exciting stuff for mothers too
  • Thoughtful, customized products rub shoulders with established branded products to offer a choice for every need
  • Unique offerings like organic clothing, homemade foods without additives and preservatives etc.
  • User-friendly practices like fast shipping, Cash on Delivery and a helpful Customer Service helpline
  • Bridge the gap between mompreneurs, their useful offerings and customers like you and me
  • Discounts and purchase points that can be redeemed
  • A good and hassle-free return policy



My view:

If you have not tried it till now, you must head to today and shop. It truly is quite a wonderful portal for parents.

2 Thoughts on “ – A one-stop destination for all baby and mother buys

  1. Online shopping trend is really easy for us busy moms… when there is no enough time to hit the shops and stores and more important going shopping is really tough with a toddler running between your legs and of other shoppers in the shop.

    Haven’t tried MyBabyCart yet…shall surely try when I am on my next vacation in India

    • Yes, moms are so busy. I could have done with more such websites when my children were young. I am sure you will like this website. Thanks for reading, Bilna.

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