My younger son is 8. Compared to his brother who is 4 years older, he always seems young. You know how age is actually relative. So, Sid at 8 was a big boy while Gautam at 8 is still a child. Though he is no longer a baby, we still try to hold on to Read More →

Inculcating healthy habits in kids is of paramount importance. This is necessarily so in the face of childhood obesity and increased exposure to television and electronic gadgets. As parents get busier and preoccupied, they start giving in to unreasonable demands like excessive junk food intake and less physical activity. It is time to work towards Read More →

It was 5 pm in the evening. Suddenly the sky went completely dark, swallowed as it was with black, bulbous clouds. Within a couple of minutes, sheets of water descended from the heavens coupled with loud thunder. It was suddenly as dark as an inky black night. The streetlights came on. And we stood with Read More →

Long hair is considered to be the crowning glory of a woman. Pick out any of your favorite film stars or models, you will be hard pressed to find one with short hair. Thick, luscious, gorgeous long mane is every woman’s pride. Most women lament about hair fall and losing hair as they age. Most Read More →

When Union Minister of Health made some statements about sex education in schools to be culturally sensitive ensuring that crudity and inappropriate graphics be kept out, predictably the social media erupted in anger and puns. So we had some funny jokes on twitter and a lot of ranting on FB. Are we still discussing ‘culture’ Read More →

The conversations in the evening when the children are back from school are quite lively and interesting. After they are done with narrating everything they can remember that transpired in school and in drowning out each other’s voices in their quest to be the first one to tell, they get to the business of evening Read More →

      This 14-year-old girl from a small village of Jharkhand lives in abject poverty. Her parents find it hard to make ends meet. Then they see a ray of bright hope. A man from the neighbouring village who has made it big in the Indian capital and is a role model for all Read More →

Chashmish is a derogatory term in Hindi that is used to refer to someone who wears spectacles. I had my first experience of this term when I was just about 5 years old. I must be among the rare breed of kids in my generation who got spectacles at such a young age. We were Read More →

A dying father was deep in conversation with his young son. The father, a billionaire, was on his death-bed stricken with a disease that was finally taking his life away. The son felt like an alien, his face hardened, eyes averted. The father reaches out to the son. His words struggling to offer explanation for Read More →

After my last post on Congenital Hypothyroidism in India, a disease that can be managed if detected at birth, I got the opportunity to interview Dr. Prasanna, Endocrinologist, in Bangalore. He has been practicing for many years and has closely seen cases of congenital hypothyroidism. I talked to him to get a better understanding of Read More →