You know what, earning money seems to be the biggest stressor of our lives. We need to earn well to sustain our lifestyle, to do the things we enjoy, to look after our families, to pay for our children’s education and to ensure that we can have a peaceful retirement ahead as well. Now with Read More →

Exide Life

The video above is cute and endearing. The playful way in which the couple dream about their future is so heartwarming. Their memories took me back to the scrapbooks that I maintained way back in school and college. I have a couple of them that I lovingly leaf through even now. Beautiful memories captured in a Read More →

They tiptoe into your lives with their tiny, helpless bodies and change your lives forever. Becoming a parent is among the most joyful experiences of one’s life. It is a miracle. It is as if you have created life itself when you see that perfectly shaped wiggling replica of yours placed in your arms. This Read More →

Seema was cheerful. It was a special day. She got dressed in the oversized still nice salwar kameez which once belonged to Arunima didi. The garment hung on her; pretty tones of orange and pink complementing her complexion making her look lovely despite the size of the garment. She combed her long hair and made Read More →