mothers memories

Memories are like a handful of sand. You want to hold on to them but they slither away, fading gently but surely. In panic, we turn to props to refresh them. An old faded picture, a yellowing letter written in hand, an email, a video and sometimes even a possession or a smell. When I Read More →

selfie mania

If  there is one  innovation that has taken the world by storm, it is a selfie. Earlier we roamed around with our cameras mustering courage to ask a passerby to click our picture. And then later realized that either the picture was blurred or we were looking ungainly (fat!) only because of the bad angle; Read More →

What a pain! Driving on non-existent roads to travel to a part of city that was still far from civilization. I remember driving here on Wednesdays while the weekend we did it together. Week after week for months on end, till the concrete, glass and pillars emerged into the shape of a home. Slowly, painstakingly. Read More →


I must have been 10 back then. I wanted to eat an apple but had no clue about using a knife. Nevertheless, I put it on my hand and thought of chopping it in one stroke like a karate chop. The apple fell down but the knife did quite a bit of damage to my Read More →

I am someone who has had spectacles since I was a little child. Yes, it was definitely unusual for those days. I remember being the only one in my class for a really long time who wore spectacles. I was mercilessly teased by being called Chashmish, which is a derogatory term in Hindi for spectacle Read More →

Today, I have the pleasure of hosting Karthik aka The Fool as he is popularly known as in the blog world. He blogs at Lucifer House Inc. and Three Realms of the Mind. I don’t exactly remember how I chanced upon his blog, but I’ve been reading him for years now. His Bride Hunt series is one Read More →

Her big, lovely eyes slowly transformed into glistening pools of molten lava. While browsing through her wardrobe, she chanced upon a dusty box of memories. Old family albums from back when hard copies of pictures were the norm. Each special moment was captured carefully. She used to do these little doodles around the pictures, and Read More →