Mother’s Day is this Sunday. A day that is very special for every mother. We pat ourselves on the backs for doing our best for our kids. For me, Mother’s Day is doubly special as my older son was born on this day. So I became a mother on Mother’s Day. Being a mother has been Read More →

This year my elder son turned 15 and I completed 15 years of motherhood. Yes, motherhood which is often put on a high pedestal, not without reason though. Trust me, I am not one who likes to be treated as a deity or worshipped. I am as human as another woman and terribly flawed too. Read More →

I have been noticing of late that every time there is a specific Day like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, there is the mandatory change of status updates on social media. Pictures are automatically modified. Bloggers come up with blogposts, some mundane, some unusual, and many interesting. All in all, the virtual world is agog Read More →