It is that time of the year when you remember and celebrate your mother. Yes, that lady who is always working tirelessly and worrying about you. I know, she says that she is not into gifts but who doesn’t like a little gesture or gift? So here I have cherry picked some personalized and unique Mother’s Day gift ideas that will not burn a hole in your pocket and yet show your mum that you treasure her. Here are 15 Mother’s Day gift ideas:

1. Books

mother's day gift ideas

If your mum is a reader, then books are gifts that never go out of fashion. Believe me, I know. My son gifted me two books for my birthday last year and though I have still not started reading them, I truly cherish them. To a reader, a book is always welcome. And if your mum is into e-books, buy her a Kindle. She will appreciate having many books at her fingertips. You can even buy her a library membership.


2. Wellness Planner

mother's day gift ideas

Mums generally neglect their health as they are caught up in routines. Buy her a planner where she can jot down ideas, goals and daily chores along with her health and fitness goals. This is a simple gift but will go a long way in making her life better planned and stress free.


3. Health Check

mother's day gift ideas

Most times our mothers put their own health on the back burner. Kickstart a good habit by gifting her a health check this Mother’s Day. She wouldn’t want to waste the money and will go for it despite herself. That way you would have laid the stepping stone to a great habit. If possible, go with her. That will sweeten the gift more.

4. Chocolates

mother's day gift ideas

If your mother is like me, chocolates will never go out of style. 🙂 You can try different variations like artisan chocolates or chocolates with interesting fillings. Who can not melt at the sight of these gooey delights?


5. Spa

mother's day gift ideas

Let’s face it women love pampering. Mothers tend to push it off as they get busy with their lives. This Mother’s Day book a spa session for your mother. Trust me, she will thank you for it.

6. Quirky Phone Cover

mother's day gift ideas

Get her a bright and interesting smartphone cover that will bring a smile to her face. There is a pretty good collection on Amazon.


7. Photo Collage

mother's day gift ideas

Mothers can spend hours browsing through photos. You can gift your mother a digital photo frame with handpicked photo album that shares your family memories. She will truly cherish this gift.


8. A Handy Gadget:

mother's day gift ideas

This does not have to very expensive but something that makes her life easier. You can go for something like a handy chopper that is not too expensive to an Airfryer (if you have the budget) if she is a health-conscious cook.  Perhaps an epilator, massager, Kindle or a home pedicure kit is what she desires. Go as per her like and buy her something she really needs.


9. Wine Glass/Personalized Tea or Coffee Mug

mother's day gift ideas

I am a wine lover and love wine glasses. A personalized wine glass is a gift I’d love. But if you mum is an avid tea or coffee aficionado, then go with personalized mugs. It’s not too expensive and you can run amuck with creativity. Go for a family picture or a quirky quote.

10. Cook a Meal for Her

mother's day gift ideas

This is a really thoughtful gesture if you can cook a meal for her. But if you are challenged in the cooking department take her out for a meal or organize one for her and her friends. On one day, feed her and show her your gratitude.

11. Scented Candles

mother's day gift ideas

Most mothers love scented candles. Get her a few perfumed ones. As per your budget, you can go with the common ones to really fancy ones.


12. Personal Gifts

mother's day gift ideas

If she loves jewellery, get her a beautiful jewellery box. A candle stand is a good gift as well. If she is into handbags, buy her one. Or if she likes perfumes, then a good one will be a perfect gift for her. Many mothers love handmade or organic soaps and toiletries. This would be a good time to buy her a thoughtful hamper.


13. Coffee Beans or Special Tea Blend:

mother's day gift ideas

I am a sucker for good quality roasted coffee beans. I look for them when I travel. I am also a tea lover and love quirky blends. I am sure your mum will love one of these two. Surprise her with a good quality blend.


14. Pots or Plant hangers

mother's day gift ideas

If your mum is into pots, plants and gardening, you can buy her some fancy pot hangers or cute pots that she can put on her windowsill where she can grow herbs. You can also buy some terrcotta posts or figurines if she has an outdoor garden.

So, these are some ideas that you can use for doing something special for your mother this Mother’s Day. As you can see, they are not very expensive. But it is the thought which counts much more than the actual gift or its price. Go on, do something special for your mum even if it is just a gesture this Mother’s Day.

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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4 Thoughts on “14 Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Your Mother Will Cherish

  1. Lovely Ideas Rachna.. My mom isnt much of a gadget person, and gets intimidated too with it. i am sure she may like a library membership though. But the best option with that bit of personal touch is cooking her a meal 🙂

  2. These were some really cool ideas to gift mom, thoughtful yet not too expensive. My mom hates it when I buy her expensive gifts so I keep trying to surprise her with simple thoughtful gifts. The collage idea is something she would love!

  3. Great Ideas ?I feel like giving all of this to mom. But I know she is definitely going to like a swanky solid mixer.

  4. I’m still getting my mom to use a smart-phone so that will be my primary focus this year.

    Even though she’ll flip if I give her wine glasses, I’ll have a glass for her 🙂

    Loved the well compiled list, Rachna. I hope you get really good gifts this mother’s day too.

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