letting go

I glanced at her taking her ageing looks in. No, she is not glamorous anymore, not very pretty either. Her heyday long behind her. Her wrinkled body hides a solid, reliable soul. Not once did she not come through for me. My children have grown up in her lap. The younger one came home from the hospital after Read More →


You know what, earning money seems to be the biggest stressor of our lives. We need to earn well to sustain our lifestyle, to do the things we enjoy, to look after our families, to pay for our children’s education and to ensure that we can have a peaceful retirement ahead as well. Now with Read More →


I had a beautiful lunch planned with friends. Was really looking forward to some fun times when a sudden work meeting cropped up. It crushed me to cancel our lunch outing aware that we may find it difficult to meet for the next two months, each with our own crazy schedules and kids’ holidays. So well, Read More →


The clock chimed 8 pm. “Late again, “ Rohan cursed himself. “But today, no matter what, I will go to the gym, no matter how late I get.” Determined Rohan, 52, pot-bellied, a Top Executive in a multinational company jumped into his car. The traffic was thick even at this hour. He glanced at his mobile Read More →

To tell you the truth, I can hardly make out that it is Spring. On the one hand, the trees are shedding their leaves, on the other, it has suddenly become quite hot like summer. The temperature has just spiked in the past week. The only saving grace is the appearance of the beautiful cherry Read More →

The caregiver's trauma

There was a time when I loved her. Her lovely eyes brimming with compassion, her beautiful smile and her warm hug. I dug them. She was my support, my moral compass, my life. Not any more! Now I find it an ordeal to step into her room. Her room minimal, her bedside littered with medicines. The Read More →

makar sankranti kites

Makar Sankranti is celebrated all across India  on January 14th and 15th every year. It is the time when the Sun transitions into the zodiac of Capricorn. Some people say that it signals the end of winter. Growing up, I don’t remember Sankranti being celebrated in any special manner in my own home.  But then Read More →