After reading the Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini which really was a very good book, I was looking forward to reading his second one. The first one had rave reviews and I must say that it delivered to the expectations. I got my hand on this one when my sister forwarded a copy of it. Read More →

This is the only team in the IPL which stands out for NOT being a team. Their morale is at an all time low, as can be seen from the way they interact with each other. With so many controversies dogging the team from SRK’s interference to Buchanan’s decision of removing Dada from captaincy (which Read More →

Since the elections are still going on and the opportunists that the politicians are, they don’t want to rule out alignment with any party. For the sake of power they would be willing to align with a dog too. Mr. Rahul Gandhi – the poster boy of Indian politics, is now sucking up to the Read More →

With the recently concluded three rounds of the Elections, it is clear that the disturbing trend of low voting in urban centers continues. What was more shocking was the low voting of Mumbaikars. A city which was so recently hit by one of the worst acts of terrorism – which saw a mass of citizens Read More →

Friday, being May Day was a holiday and we decided to go to Wonderla, a theme park, around 30 kms. from the city. We reached around 11ish and it was pretty hot. Being a holiday, there were just too many people around. I had been here once before when I was expecting Gautam and was Read More →

Sometimes, simple things in life like sleeping would not bother us much and would most times go unnoticed unless there is a problem. Insomnia or lack of sleep is a vicious cycle. One can’t sleep due to some stress and then it becomes aggravated due to the anxiety of not being able to sleep. Sleep Read More →

Read the statistics in the newspapers today. Bangalore Rural – the constituency we belonged to polled at 60%, the highest among all the other constituencies of Bangalore. The rural folks once again proving that they are more conscientious about their responsibility to vote. The other factors responsible for the bad turnout were the heat, missing Read More →

This person blogs at I had read in the newspapers that this person had been giving insider dope about the Kolkata Knight Riders Team in his blog. I just went to it out of curiosity and it does not matter whether he writes any factual stuff. Though, some people proclaim that he did. The Read More →

This is my take on the besan cheelas I grew up eating in my childhood. Cheelas or savoury pancakes were a favourite of my maternal grandpa and after my grandmom passed away and whenever we visited, my grandfather would request my mother each time to make them. As kids, we liked them just like most Read More →