Today, Siddharth went for his first annual exam. He is always so confident and more or less studies on his own which is a very good thing. Yesterday, when I asked him to begin revising, he realized that he had left his English Grammar book in school. I was so mad at him. Luckily, I Read More →

Yesterday, I watched Marley and me at home. It is a movie about this dog, Marley, which is a weird dog. It is hardly like any other dog. It refuses to get trained and the story goes about how he comes home to this couple, Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston. The movie is the dog’s Read More →

This is a superb story about the journey of stuff in our lives which impacts our economy, our environment, our finances and almost everything.

Siddharth’s birthday falls on May 11, every year. Since April and May is vacation time for schools in India, he never gets to celebrate it with his school friends. So, we decided to prepone the celebrations this year after speaking to his class teacher. So, yesterday he dressed up in new clothes, took eclairs to Read More →

The developments in Pakistan in the past few days are distressing. Mr. Zardari, the President of Pakistan has been behaving like a dictator in the fledgling democracy. I have utmost contempt for Mr. Zardari who is a good for nothing and would have been languishing in a jail on corruption charges, had he not been Read More →

In keeping with the terrible 2’s, Gautam has become terribly forceful and stubborn. He wants everything to be done his way or else he wails pretty loudly. I don’t mind the independent stuff like trying to eat or drink himself and creating a mess in the bargain. His idea of brushing his teeth is swirling Read More →

I am talking about the big hue and cry created when some of Gandhi’s belongings were going to be auctioned by the owner Mr. James Otis from LA. Well, I feel it is no matter of national pride if Gandhi’s belongings are held by someone else. We can’t possibly go tracking and finding everything that Read More →