I am sure, I have read this headline in the newspapers at least six times in the last 6 months. Sadly, I don’t see it reflecting in the status quo. We are still paying @13% interest for our home loan taken from ABN AMRO. Some other banks have lowered their rates to the existing customers Read More →

It has been dismaying to note that the terrorists brutally attacked the Sri Lankan cricket team which was touring Pakistan. They injured some players and killed the policemen protecting them. They managed to spread panic and destroyed all chances of international cricket in Pakistan for some time to come. It is very clear that it Read More →

There’s Growing Public Disgust With Corrupt And Incompetent Politicians. Now’s The Time To Make Your Voice Heard. Our Future Rides On It Jaideep Bose After Independence, India could easily have gone the ruinous way of so many former colonies. You don’t need to look beyond our neighbourhood for evidence — at Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Nepal. Read More →

India’s government may have to revise its growth forecast. India’s economy grew by less than expected in the last three months of 2008, official figures have shown. The country’s gross domestic product (GDP) grew by 5.3%, compared with 7.6% in the previous three months and 8.9% in the same period a year earlier. Agriculture, which Read More →

25 Feb 2009, 0242 hrs IST, Shreya Roy Chowdhury, TNN NEW DELHI: Outraged bloggers vented their ire in cyberworld against the Supreme Court’s take that they may face libel, even prosecution, for airing their views online. Believing their freedom of expression is in danger, bloggers railed at the SC’s refusal to quash a criminal complaint Read More →

Most of us watched the coverage of Oscars live last morning to see if the Indians nominated get it. They sure did! Rahman got 2 and Resul Pookutty got one for sound mixing. It was a great feeling to see Rahman get recognition for the great talent that he is. The most heartwarming feature was Read More →

Online networking ‘harms health’ There are concerns that social networking keeps people apart People’s health could be harmed by social networking sites because they reduce levels of face-to-face contact, an expert claims. Dr Aric Sigman says websites such as Facebook set out to enrich social lives, but end up keeping people apart. Dr Sigman makes Read More →

Yesterday, I had this interesting conversation with Siddharth’s friend Prerak. We were walking together while Gautam was practising his pedaling skills on his tricycle. The conversation went like this:Prerak: Auntie, how come Siddharth’s Hindi is so good?Me: Why not, we speak Hindi at home, so he’s bound to pick up good Hindi ( That’s not Read More →

I have seen that Siddharth is really happy to interact with Manas. He looks up to him as an elder brother, something I’ve noticed from his conversations about him. Day before yesterday, he was all smiles when he came home. He was very happy that when some kids teased him in the bus, Manas who Read More →