Online shopping has almost completely taken over our lives. From groceries to jewellery, from mobile phones to food, from clothes to shoes, there is hardly anything that you can’t shop for from the comfort of your home and save loads of money on. Saving time and effort is a given of course. But another almost Read More →

The rosy scenario: Plan a vacation with family to Europe. Book airline tickets with Etihad for its wonderful reputation for hospitality. Get tickets booked through BudgetAir. Eagerly dream about European cruise.  That very same night, a massive itinerary change by Etihad that adds an overnight stay at Abu Dhabi. First prick in our happiness balloon. Read More →

Baby crib

Did you know that babies spend about 18 hours per day in their cribs in the first year of their life? Pretty incredible, right! Whether you are expecting a child or a parent is looking to switch from a cradle to a baby crib, these tips to buy baby cribs will come in handy for Read More →

Buying furniture online is so convenient really. You can get so much more variety by browsing through large collections online. Whereas, the same would require you shuttling from one store to another from one part of town to another if you preferred to go through the retail store route. Imagine if you want to buy Read More →

Who would have thought that a phone would make us smarter and our lives easier? There was a time when my smartphone would not accompany me everywhere. It was a pet peeve of my husband’s that I never kept it with me. To tell you the truth, I still do not at times. I leave Read More →