MadRat games have introduced what is called World’s First Roll-up Puzzle. That feature certainly caught my eye, and I was intrigued to try their puzzle for my younger son who falls in the relevant age group. Though, I have to tell you that the elder brother chipped in enthusiastically as well to do the puzzle. Read More →


Gifts, there is something remarkable about them. We all go gooey eyed and trembly kneed when we open a carefully wrapped gift, our hearts beating faster in anticipation of what the glorious package holds. And, then comes the moment when the gift is unveiled and joy spills over. When these gifts are for children, the Read More →

As a parent, the one thing that really got my goat was the tantrum that my child threw. Both my boys went through their whining and tantrum phases. At one point, it was so difficult that I had approached a Counselor. As difficult as it seemed, she had advised me to act calm and totally Read More →

As a parent of two boys, I can’t help but look back at the days when they were babies with bittersweet emotions. Times have flown by quickly. While bringing them up is challenging, nerve-wracking and exhilarating sometimes in the same day, no parent can deny the amazing repository of memories that children leave us with. Read More →

Optimism is such an uplifting feeling. In an instant you feel your sorrows melting away and a strange warmth fill your being. You feel hopeful. You know that something wonderful is about to happen that will transform your life. It is quite amazing, isn’t it? The other day, there were two young boys, two brothers, Read More →

The above advertisement does make you go Awww, doesn’t it? Fathers are our pillars of strength. Traditionally the breadwinners in our families, they left the mothering to the moms. I can’t help but think back about my own dad. My early relationship with him was a little distant. He was quiet and very particular about Read More →

Death is something we don’t often like to think or talk about. I am scared of death, not of dying per se, but of the very thought of having to live without someone I love. I guess we all worry about our family and friends. It is strange though that death in books, movies or Read More →

Becoming a mother has been a thoroughly fulfilling yet fearful experience. Before the babies were born, all that I worried about was that they be healthy. I didn’t care how they would look and what personality they would have. Just let them be healthy, God! Though all babies are wrinkled and look like little monkeys, Read More →

They tiptoe into your lives with their tiny, helpless bodies and change your lives forever. Becoming a parent is among the most joyful experiences of one’s life. It is a miracle. It is as if you have created life itself when you see that perfectly shaped wiggling replica of yours placed in your arms. This Read More →