For the city folks and our kids, we love our holidays in the lap of nature but demand all the amenities we are so used to. Hence our kids must have their tellys with cable. There must be good A/cs and the husband has to have internet for his daily dose on the smartphone or tab. Of Read More →

When they are really tiny, you swaddle them in blankets so that their hands and feet are kept away from scratching their own faces. You protect them as you must, tiny, fragile things that they are. When they are a little older and start crawling, you are always keeping an eye on them to prevent Read More →

Her soft touch feels like a gossamer soft feather caressing my cheek. Her eyes sparkle like large, languid pools of mischief almost too big on her pretty face. She looks at me with an unwavering stare, unblinking, her look almost searing its way through my soul. Her smell, nay fragrance is divine. I close my Read More →

It was 8 am on a chilly December morning in Bangalore. There was huge commotion around a stationary school bus. Anxious parents were crowding near the single door of the bus. There were some who were trying to hang from the window panes desperate for one last glimpse, anxiety writ large on their faces. There Read More →

open letter sons

Dear S and G, It is not often that mommy writes you a letter. Yeah, I know all about the lectures that I dole out generously to the both of you every single day! But today, I decided to actually pen down something for the two of you. You both know how proud I am Read More →

This is a true and rather unfortunate incident that unfolded in my son’s class. My son had a tiff with a girl who sits with him. Both of them scratched each other’s notebook. He maintained that she did it first and he retaliated. Her page was torn off. The teacher called both of them and Read More →

The other day, I had an interesting conversation with my elder son. He is 11 years old now. And, he is already wondering how he would leave his parents and go in an alien place to study. Separation anxiety is already playing on his mind. I was explaining to him that initially it will hurt, Read More →

  The spotlight was on me. I was trembling inside. It had nothing to do with butterflies in my stomach. I knew I was very good at what I did. I knew I could do this even in my sleep. But the exhaustion was almost killing me. I glanced at my mother and father sitting Read More →

Yep, I love sharing my childhood memories with my kids. The same incidents too often as hubby pointed out quietly :). So, I was relating to them something about cold drinks. Of course, we did not have Coke or Pepsi back then. I was fondly recalling Campa Cola when my younger son asked me, “Mom, Read More →