Dettol muti-use wipes

I lived in the US when my elder son was born. I especially remember that I loved using the disinfectant wipes that were available there. They were pretty useful especially for cleaning toilet seats, door handles, keyboards and multiple other places that we normally forget to disinfect. Back in India, I missed those wipes. Recently, Read More →

I enjoy cooking at home with fresh and local produce. My husband grows a few vegetables, fruits and herbs in his organic terrace garden. The best part about these vegetables and fruits is their crackling freshness and the fact that they are completely devoid of any pesticides and toxic chemicals. Often, when we buy fruits Read More →

For the past few days, I have been seeing the advertisement of AskMe App that proudly calls itself “The BAPP of all apps” on telly. When Ranbir Kapoor endorses something, it sure grabs eyeballs. So, I was intrigued enough to try this app on my Samsung Galaxy S4. Go to Google PlayStore, search for the Read More →

Saffola as a brand has always been associated with a heart healthy positioning. While it is true that cardiovascular diseases are on the rise, and heart problems are increasing even among the relatively young, a better lifestyle can help prevent this. Exercise must be a part of our daily routine along with eating nutritionally balanced Read More →

When I see the beautiful Flintobox brimming with lovely activities for children, I feel like becoming a child again. My 7-year-old son, Gautam, was very excited when he saw the box. He expected some fun activities, and he was not disappointed. Flintobox as a concept is very appealing. Each box has a set of activities Read More →

When I was offered to review the Snugg iPad2 Case, I was excited to lay my hands on a case that looked great on the website and flaunted great features. The shipment was FedExed to India from UK and reached me in less than a week, nicely wrapped!  And it did live up to my Read More →

Those shiny rows of lights that you most commonly used for Christmas decorations are actually extremely versatile. I have noticed that most of us just pack them and keep them stowed away after the festive season is over. But there are great innovative ways in which one can use rope lights. And if you have Read More →