eKAVACH is a digital App that enables today’s parents to stay connected with and monitor their most precious possessions, their children. As the online world expands its horizons, our children are exposed to and accessible to many online resources that are age inappropriate. They are also on social media platforms and are at a risk Read More →

As a parent of two boys, I can’t help but look back at the days when they were babies with bittersweet emotions. Times have flown by quickly. While bringing them up is challenging, nerve-wracking and exhilarating sometimes in the same day, no parent can deny the amazing repository of memories that children leave us with. Read More →

I am a person who enjoys eating healthy and home-cooked food. But, I do take my offs as well especially as I have two kids who just love the McDonald’s fare. Though it is a rare treat, when we are eating fast food, we go the whole mile. Whether it is the burger, wraps, fries Read More →