Pearls have a timeless, vintage feel to them. I remember I used to salivate after my mum’s champagne pearl necklace and earrings. It enhanced her regal beauty and made her look like a queen. They complement the Indian sari beautifully. Since then pearls have held a special appeal for me. But, when I talk to Read More →

Edelweiss CritiCare+

None of us likes to think about morbid topics like death and disease, but they are realities of life. While we all must take care to eat healthy and exercise, it is also equally necessary to be prepared for medical conditions with adequate medical insurance and cover. While healthcare has improved rapidly and big diseases Read More →

Exide Life

The video above is cute and endearing. The playful way in which the couple dream about their future is so heartwarming. Their memories took me back to the scrapbooks that I maintained way back in school and college. I have a couple of them that I lovingly leaf through even now. Beautiful memories captured in a Read More →


eKAVACH is a digital App that enables today’s parents to stay connected with and monitor their most precious possessions, their children. As the online world expands its horizons, our children are exposed to and accessible to many online resources that are age inappropriate. They are also on social media platforms and are at a risk Read More →

Buying furniture online is so convenient really. You can get so much more variety by browsing through large collections online. Whereas, the same would require you shuttling from one store to another from one part of town to another if you preferred to go through the retail store route. Imagine if you want to buy Read More →

Who would have thought that a phone would make us smarter and our lives easier? There was a time when my smartphone would not accompany me everywhere. It was a pet peeve of my husband’s that I never kept it with me. To tell you the truth, I still do not at times. I leave Read More →

MadRat games have introduced what is called World’s First Roll-up Puzzle. That feature certainly caught my eye, and I was intrigued to try their puzzle for my younger son who falls in the relevant age group. Though, I have to tell you that the elder brother chipped in enthusiastically as well to do the puzzle. Read More →


Gifts, there is something remarkable about them. We all go gooey eyed and trembly kneed when we open a carefully wrapped gift, our hearts beating faster in anticipation of what the glorious package holds. And, then comes the moment when the gift is unveiled and joy spills over. When these gifts are for children, the Read More →