The other day I was reading in the newspapers that according to some inane poll, women prefer to be in love with their partners rather than loving their partners. I really don’t understand the difference. To me, saying I am in love with you and saying I love you means the same. Does anyone know Read More →

That elusive hour-glass figure, something which every woman dreams of ! There are umpteen number of articles being churned out every single day about how to lose weight easily. In a week, in a month etc. etc. In India, we see these slimming clinics mushrooming in every nook and corner promising a woman instant sexy Read More →

In the last week, I watched Parzania, Black Friday and Straight. Parzania was about this Parsi boy who went missing in the Gujarat riots and recently it came in the news that he has been declared dead. According to Indian law, all missing persons after 7 years are declared dead legally if not found. It Read More →

Birmingham State University has come up with a one-year Masters Degree in Social Networking. It will teach the students how to blog or how to use the sites in communications and marketing. I feel that it is such a waste of university resources to teach students to socially network. Really, it requires no degree to Read More →

People in the Australian state of Queensland have taken part in a mass capture of poisonous cane toads as part of a collective effort at pest control. The celebratory cull is known as Toad Day Out and was advocated by a Queensland politician, Shane Knuth. The toads have to be captured alive and unharmed, examined Read More →

Yesterday, to round up our long weekend; we paid a visit to Innovative Film City in Bidadi around 35 kms from our house. The roads are good so we managed to reach pretty fast. Why is it called film city? I don’t know if any film shoots take place there. It is more of a Read More →

The highly successful and addictive IPL, moves to SA in its second season. There has been a lot of discussion in the Indian media about the moving out of the IPL, the war of words among political leaders about how India has failed to provide security to visitors, it’s a national shame blah, blah… A Read More →

Today, Siddharth went for his first annual exam. He is always so confident and more or less studies on his own which is a very good thing. Yesterday, when I asked him to begin revising, he realized that he had left his English Grammar book in school. I was so mad at him. Luckily, I Read More →

Yesterday, I watched Marley and me at home. It is a movie about this dog, Marley, which is a weird dog. It is hardly like any other dog. It refuses to get trained and the story goes about how he comes home to this couple, Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston. The movie is the dog’s Read More →

This is a superb story about the journey of stuff in our lives which impacts our economy, our environment, our finances and almost everything.