Bowel movement is something that is really not a part of our normal conversation. I know, I wrinkle my nose when my kids do potty talk whether it is at the dining table or otherwise. Call it my prim and proper upbringing, as kids we kept topics below the belt (pun intended) under close wraps Read More →

kent cold pressed juicer review

  Fresh, homemade juices are tasty and nutritious, there is no doubt about that. But making them is a pain. At least it used to be. I remember in my childhood, my mum slogging for hours, peeling, chopping and cutting carrots, then blending and sieving all to get one glass of carrot juice for my Read More →

Thyrocare review

Thyrocare is a trusted name in diagnostic testing. I have been using Thyrocare’s services for years now. Blood tests are an integral part of our lives these days. Most investigations whether it is a simple cold and cough or high fever are often diagnosed based on blood tests. In my experience, readings vary across labs Read More →


The clock chimed 8 pm. “Late again, “ Rohan cursed himself. “But today, no matter what, I will go to the gym, no matter how late I get.” Determined Rohan, 52, pot-bellied, a Top Executive in a multinational company jumped into his car. The traffic was thick even at this hour. He glanced at his mobile Read More →

life beckons

A 40 year old died in his sleep due to a massive cardiac arrest. No diagnosed health issues. In fact, he was a sportsman. A man who was on social media chatting till late at night, the very same night he passed away. Leaves behind a tween child and a stricken spouse. His death a Read More →

The Transformation

Tea has always been an inherent part of life for us Indians. No guest is sent away without the mandatory cup of chai with some namkeen and gupshup. Never mind the other drinks, tea continues to perk us up both in the mornings and during the day. And with the amazing health benefits of tea Read More →


As Bangalore gears up for BBMP polls, what are the biggest problems we see our city grappling with? Water scarcity, clean drinking water, sanitation, garbage management and environmental pollution are some of the biggest concerns. Yes, you would think that metropolises would be immune to this issue but it isn’t so. Our metros and cities are Read More →